Best 8 Seater Car in the world

Do you search for best eight seater cars in the market? These Australia 8 seaters cars are appropriate for carrying large families, family camping trips and car pooling. Due to their versatility, 8 seaters cars are raising in fame all over Australia. However, not all the models or brands of 8 seater cars are created equal. Here is the list of best 8 seater cars available currently for sale in Australia.

Volkswagon Transporter Shuttle

Known to handle all kinds of roads excellently, this 8 seater Volkswagon is apt for especially rugged road conditions. Must be not much pretty as well as elegant when comparable to others, but have many spacious things to hold people comfortably. Some of the incredible features of this 8 seater includes are,8 seater Volkswagon Transporter Shuttle
• It features a total of 5 different engine options. These options are capable of holding 2.8 liters and have a power range from 84 to 180 PS.
• It is equipped with a rather considerable fuel efficiency of 30 to 32 miles per gallon. This is specifically exciting while compared to many other 8 seater cars.
• The transporter shuttle of the vehicle is featured with far more safety provisions than other 8 seater cars. These provisions include a traction control, electronic stabilizing systems and multiple airbags.

Mercedes Benz Viano

Mercedes is without doubt one of the foremost names that people think about when they think of car brands. Known well for its range of highly luxurious vehicles, this 8 seater comes with same range of luxury that their smaller lines are known for. The luxurious interior of Viano and also its quality exterior shell makes it noticeable among the best 8 seater cars.Mercedes Benz Viano
• Having Powered by V6 3.0 diesel engine running on BlueEfficiency technology, the engine is designed for achieving maximum fuel efficiency as well as minimum emissions.
• The Viano is also featured by 8 trimmed seats covered with Lugano leather. It is also featured by dashboard controls and a command APS system with color display of 6.5 inches.

Chrysler town and country

It is an outstanding option for any average family. It has a 3.6-liter engine that makes it ideal for the long journey, and the interior of this eight-seater is spacious enough to accommodate all eight people comfortably.
• This 8 seater model comes featured with 3.6 liter V6 engine that can able to produce 26 lb-ft torque and 283 HP.
• It delivers a fuel economy of about 25 miles per gallon on the open roads and about 17 miles per gallon in the cities.
• It has diverse safety features like stability control, anti-lock disk brakes and multiple airbags and traction control. This makes it be among the best 8 seater cars available on the Australian market currently.

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